TravelLine: Аналитика


Location and directions

➢ From Airport:

Option 1: Airport Shuttle Bus (no line number): This bus is running every 30 minutes going to the North Bus Station (Tabarbour Bus Station). It's the last station so you can't miss it. From there either you get a Taxi\Uber ride for approx. 3 JD. Or take a shared taxi (white color with yellow lines) to downtown, which is the last stop. From there you can walk 10 minutes to the hostel.

Option 2: Hostel shuttle service cost 20 JD

➢ From King Hussein Bridge (Allenby):

Option 1: Shared taxi going to the north station for approx.10 JD

Option 2: Hostel shuttle service for 30 JD

➢ From Jett bus station (Abdali):

Option 1: Taxi/Uber for approx. cost 2 JD
Walk: 30 min by walk